Audio Connectors
Video and RF Connectors
IC’s, Resistors, Capacitors, Project Boxes
Wire and Cable
Soldering Supplies

Anything you would formerly find at a “shack”

...and more!

New and Used
Power Amplifiers
Active Speakers
Passive Speakers
Complete Sound Systems
XLR Cables
Instrument Cables
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Custom Cable Manufacturing
Digital and Analog Mixing Consoles
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ProShow Services


Professional Recones
Replace deteriorated foam suspensions
Replacement Driver Diaphragms
Home stereo speaker repair and replacement

Electronic Parts

After many years serving only professionals, ProShow Sound is now open to the public.

Customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of our Sales and Service departments, which include:

Midas M32 install at Medina Performing Arts Center

Electronic Repair

Loudspeaker Repair

Dj Gear
Power Amplifiers
Guitar Amplifiers
Stage lighting
Complete Sound Systems
Digital and Analog Mixing Platforms


Sound Equipment

Large format flat screen TV’s (Philips factory trained technician)
Intelligent Lighting
Power Amplifiers
Guitar Amplifiers
Basic Electronic Repair
Computer Repair and Data Recovery Services

Licensed Master Electrician on staff
New Service
Upgrade Existing Service